About me:

My name is Karen Agerbo Bennetzen, and this is my portfolio website. Thank you for visiting!

I am a Danish artist, 29 years old, and I’ve loved making digital and traditional art for as long as I can remember. I’ve always had a passion for telling stories, through pictures as well as through literature, comics, animation, and any other media I can get my hands on. Likewise, I’ve got a deeply rooted interest in many creative fields – I love playing video games, watching movies, and reading comics and books.

I’ve received a Bachelor in CG Arts from The Animation Workshop (Viborg, Denmark), and I am currently studying towards becoming a schoolteacher at VIA University College in Silkeborg.


People I’ve done work for:

Sun Creature Studio
Daedalic Entertainment
The National Film School of Denmark
Specialpædagogisk Forlag
Box Fort Games

and more.



Email: Karen.bennetzen@gmail.com

LinkedIn: https://dk.linkedin.com/in/karenb88

Sketchblog: http://fivehoursleep.tumblr.com





“It has been a pleasure working with Karen Bennetzen. Over the course of our project (Bowbarian), she clearly communicated with us every step of the way and helped us meet our deadlines on time. Her artistic vision gave our characters and world setting a distinct spirit that is rare to find in game art these days. She is not only a talented and professional artist but also someone I personally enjoyed working with. If you get the chance to work with Karen, I highly recommend it.”

- Box Fort Games


“Karen is not only a talented artist and craftswoman, she is also a really good collaborator. She participates in decision-making, is good at coming up with ideas and taking initiative. Every time we have worked with Karen at Sun Creature Studio, she has contributed to making every workday both easier and more fun. There is nothing I can say that Karen cannot help with in a production, and she takes every task seriously and gives her very best. At Sun Creature she has made backgrounds, been an editor, made storyboards, helped us write our stories, and created concept art, including the very detailed map of the ’Tales of Alethrion’ universe, which we are still using to this day. I look forward to working with her again the next chance we get!”

- Sun Creature Studio

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